Equality Clothing Wear Your Voice Art Rocks Charity

Equality Clothing Wear Your Voice Art Rocks Charity

Love, peace, and equality are the principles this clothing brand upholds. Raised fists sketched in vibrant colors declaring the power of unity gives customers the confidence to boldly wear their voice. Equality clothing brand stands in solidarity with groups like the black community and LGBTQ to ensure their voices are supported through a rainbow pallet of color. With the world as its canvas, this brand is a movement that empowers people to include, honor, and love, the differences they see around them. Equality clothing brand is more than artistic merchandise it is the art of representing love and unity in a world that needs it.

FREE Shipping on all apparel products. We require 2-3 business days to manufacture (i.e. print, assemble, and package). You should receive your final product within 5-10 days after manufacturing of your piece depending on your location.
Please remember to choose your cause. 
We will donate 20% back to your charity of choice.

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At Art Rocks Charity we are all about encouraging others to give back. Please choose a charity you are passionate about and we will donate 20% of your purchase back to your cause of choice. On the product page please click on the Select Cause Button to search our national database of charities.

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