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Equality Clothing is a clothing brand that promotes unity, love, and celebrates diversity through the power of artistic expression. It is a platform for voices to rise up and inspire others to give back to causes that are making a difference in the world.

We at Equality Clothing are committed to transforming the world around us through art that includes all people and empowers all people. We donate portions of our profits to charities to exemplify the power of giving.

Humanity can sometimes lose its way in labels and be limited by the comfort it finds in familiarity. Oh, the beauty of difference, the power there is in the variation of skin color, beliefs, and cultures. Fear of these differences can only have humanity wandering around in the dark and afraid to embrace the freedom of acceptance. Equality Clothing is the light the world needs. It is a brand that represents the love and honor due to people no matter what their differences, and they achieve this through art.

Love, peace, and equality are the principles this clothing brand upholds. Raised fists sketched in vibrant colors declaring the power of unity gives customers the confidence to boldly wear their voice. Equality Clothing stands in solidarity with groups like the black community and LGBTQ to ensure their voices are supported through a rainbow pallet of color. With the world as its canvas, this brand is a movement that empowers people to include, honor, and love, the differences they see around them. Equality Clothing is more than artistic merchandise it is the art of representing love and unity in a world that needs it.

Elliott Aaron From, founder of Equality Clothing, is the bold artist behind this movement and dedicated to use his gifts to change the world for the better. Elliott has raised over $4 million dollars in donations to various charities to inspire others to give back, and to get involved with the communities around them. Equality Clothing is an extension of his heart to give to charities that are making a difference and he offers customers the same opportunity. 20% of every purchase made allows customers to choose the charity they’d love to donate to. It’s genius in its conception where world changing apparel is used to inspire consumers to pay it forward by giving back.

As Equality Clothing empowers customers to wear their voice it also gives a resounding voice to issues within society that are being ignored. It shouts with bright colors and enticing fonts on fabric canvases how much equality is vital to humanity. Equality Clothing leads the charge of impassioned customers needing to be heard by in turn donating 20% of it proceeds to charities who are also on a journey to see change. Artist Elliot Aaron From is a walking image of the grace and honor needed to initiate a mission of love and equality for all people.

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At Art Rocks Charity we are all about encouraging others to give back. Please choose a charity you are passionate about and we will donate 20% of your purchase back to your cause of choice. On the product page please click on the Select Cause Button to search our national database of charities.

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