Artbeat Live FAQ and Press Kit

What is ArtBeat Live?
Artbeat Live is a performance art show by world renowned artist Elliott From. From creates 5 foot paintings of pop icons, CEO’s, rock stars, sports figures, and more. Each painting is created in a matter of 5-12 minutes to music all while entertaining a live audience.

How Do I Use Artbeat Live For My Next Event?
Brand Marketing
Product Launches
Corporate Entertainment
Attract trade show Clients
Open & Close Corporate team meetings
Honor VIP’s, CEO’s and Executives With Custom Performance Portraits
Raise money For Your Foundation
Motivational & Education
    How Long Is An Artbeat Live Performance?
    The length of an Artbeat live performance can range from 10 minutes to over an hour. Each performance can be customized to fit any special event, large or small.
    How many paintings Are Created Per Show?
    Depending on the length of the show, Artist can perform 1-5 paintings all depending on the time allotted to perform for each event. Each painting is created in a matter of 5-12 minutes a piece.
    How Much Does It Cost To Book An Artbeat Live Performance?
    Each Artbeat Live painting is unique and customized to fit each one of our client’s needs. Please call to discuss your event with us so we can go over all of your best options to work within your budget.

    I Would Like To Have A Customized Painting Done, Is This Possible?
    Anything is possible with Artbeat Live. All custom performance art requests must be submitted a minimum of 21 days prior to event date. Please note, all custom art requests may be subject to additional fees.
    How Big Are The Artbeat Live Paintings?
    Each Painting varies and is customized per performance. Most paintings performed are 4 feet by 5 feet in size.
    What Is The Performance Space Needed For An Artbeat Live Performance?
    Artist needs a minimum performance space of 15 x 20 feet. Please note, agent will provide client/purchaser with a hospitality and technical rider that will outline all of the specific performance needs. 

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